Gumboots, ‘Buzzy Bee’ toys, walking young ladies, a meringue dessert, shell ashtrays, and a cookbook may not appear to be unpleasantly vital objects. Be that as it may, to numerous Kiwis (New Zealanders), such things accept crucial significance as real symbols of Kiwiana! What is Kiwiana? It could be portrayed as all the odd and wonderful quirky things from years passed by that add to our feeling of nationhood — our Kiwi personality.

Here are a few cases of Kiwiana that you can get on your New Zealand voyages.

The Birds and the Buzzy Bees

The ‘Buzzy Bee’ — not the live one, but rather the toy — is likely the most well known single bit of Kiwiana. Yet, it’s not recently the brilliant red and yellow hues that make Buzzy Bee so appealing to Kiwis, who are significantly more used to the greens and tans of their local shrub. As you pull the toy, the wings of Buzzy Bee turn, making a wonderful noisy clicking sound.


This pastry was developed as a tribute to the Russian ballet dancer Anna Pavlova, who visited New Zealand and Australia in 1926. Pavlova is made of meringue and cream and is generally finished with kiwifruit, another Kiwi symbol traded by us under the name ‘Zespri’.

The pavlova has for quite some time been at the focal point of a trans-Tasman contention. Both New Zealanders and Australians enduringly keep up they imagined it. The principal appearance of the formula in composed shape was in a New Zealand cookbook in the mid 1930s. Doubtlessly clearly a Swiss-style meringue cake canvassed in ‘Chinese gooseberries’ (kiwifruit) and named after a Russian ballet dancer must be a New Zealand development!

Paua Shell

Paua (articulated standard wah) is a nearby relative of abalone and arrives in a wonderful shell. Maori utilized the gleaming shell for eyes in carvings of different animals. Entire paua shells are utilized for ashtrays and different compartments, and bits of paua shell are utilized for making gems, butterflies, napkins and an assortment of different objects and gifts.

Edmonds Cookbook — Sure to Sell

More duplicates of this book, distributed by the creators of Edmonds ‘Beyond any doubt to Rise’ Baking Powder, have been sold than some other book in New Zealand. Barely any New Zealand youngsters would leave home without purchasing or obtaining their mom’s duplicate of this Kiwi culinary book of scriptures.

No 8 Wire

Kiwis are popular for their resourcefulness and independence. It is said that Kiwis can make stunning things — all they require is ‘a bit of Number 8 wire’. No 8 wire is a sure gage of wire that was inconceivably prominent for use as fencing wire around New Zealand’s many homesteads. Incidentally, until 1963, it was transported in from different nations. Since No. 8 wire was broadly accessible, it was utilized for an assortment of assignments, and it has turned into an image of kiwi flexibility.

L and P — National Soft Drink

L and P remains for Lemon and Paeroa, New Zealand’s most acclaimed soda pop. It was concocted in 1904 after its producer tasted some mineral water close to the town of Paeroa, and blended it with lemon to make an especially reviving beverage. L and P was initially called Paeroa and Lemon, however the name was later turned around, and afterward shorted to L and P. This drink is as yet prevalent all through New Zealand today.

Where Do You Find Kiwiana?

Most second-hand and trinket shops have a decent load of Kiwiana, yet in the event that you need the genuine article, go to one of the a great many carport deals that are held all through New Zealand consistently.

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