As Meghan Markle research up on royal protocol in planning for her spring wedding to Prince Harry, the princess-to-be is now embracing the monarchy’s dress code.

Greeting the push at Kensington Palace on Nov. 27 with her new fiancé, media shops took take note of her glowing engagement ring, which boasted a distinctive connection to Princess Diana. But Markle’s barely-there manicure was no accident, both.

Evidently, the au naturel varnish follows a strict style guideline instituted by the queen herself. According to Ok! journal, it is from royal dress code to sport brightly coloured nail lacquer, as Queen Elizabeth thinks it to get “vulgar.”


Fashion outlets more speculate that Markle took a cue from her long term grandmother-in-law and sported Essie’s beloved “Ballet Slippers” – Her Majesty’s most loved shade, according to Glamour – for the engagement pics. The “classic pink-nude shade” preferred charges only all-around $9, but it has boasted Queen Elizabeth’s unofficial patronage considering that 1989, when her hairdresser wrote for the brand requesting a bottle because it had been “the only colour Her Majesty would dress in,” Essie states.

Likewise, Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, adheres into the au naturel manicure rule also, only shaking things up using a custom made hue for her April 2011 nuptials, according to her manicurist.


Markle’s understated Nov. 27 manicure wasn’t her first, both: The actress stepped out with in the same way pure nails for the Invictus Game titles with Prince Harry in September.

Whether Markle will miss out on the holiday reds and vampy darkish nail hues at the moment in vogue, it is apparent that she’s thrilled to marry her prince at last. The fashion highlight will continue on to glow about the foreseeable future royal properly through her marriage to Prince Harry in 2018.