When Elsa Schiaparelli explained that “in hard times, fashion is always outrageous”, she almost certainly wasn’t speaking about Christmas trees. But this week – as Britain’s most chi chi stores and resorts unveiled their festive decors – an unorthodox aesthetic has emerged that proves her place.

Following a fashion of the latest years, lots of the Christmas trees in top rated resorts are already made by world-famous designers and artists. At London’s Connaught, for instance, Tracey Emin’s tree eschewed classic baubles and tinsel and was populated with handwritten neon words and phrases that manufactured up a love poem. In other places in Mayfair, minimal forests of Christmas trees experienced sprung up within the windows of designer outlets, dramatically lit and sparsely decorated.

The upside-down Christmas tree within the grand reception of Claridge’s resort is in the same way spooky. Intended by Karl Lagerfeld, it’s really a towering inverted V, with silvered roots fanning out, like a thing in the Nightmare Right before Christmas. This upside-down aesthetic is just not simply a conceptual statement. It’s got also develop into an unlikely real-life festive pattern, with topsy-turvy trees being marketed on Amazon.

A lot more avant garde is Matty Bovan’s neon pink tree, on the Ace hotel’s Hoi Polloi brasserie in east London. Bovan – a young designer shortlisted for an emerging expertise gong with the Fashion awards on Monday – has produced a pink Lurex eyesight, dotted with mini-sculptures. He calls this a “modern folks tale comprehensive of disturbing, sweet and sculptural pieces” and provides: “The objects on my tree reflect the two the horrors and joys of 2017, and there’s an over-all constructive feeling of hope radiating by way of the complete tree searching in the direction of to 2018, pushing via the only real way we really can, which is to maintain being inventive.”