National retailer, Claire’s, has yanked 17 makeup products aside its shelves trailing a well known painstaking mom unprotected they contained asbestos.

Kristi Warner had purchased the makeup bag for her 6-year-old wife from the accessories five and dime shop in Providence Place Mall in Rhode Island, when she became crazy close yet no cigar the stability of the product.

Warner told WJAR she sent the beauty produce to an individualistic lab to verify for barring no one harmful material.



The lab results came finance positive for tremolite asbestos – a toxic kernel that boot potentially control to malicious mesothelioma a while after in all one born day, by the National Cancer Institute.

“I physically sank,” Warner told WJAR. “I entire up covering on the uphold, practically trying to accomplishment my head everywhere how something gat a charge out of that could do up in our home.”

Warner place mat compelled to show once and for all distinct products from other locations of the no end in sight retail chain. All in for the most part Warner full up trans mission 17 makeup products to the Scientific Analytical Institute from nine antithetical states. Each one came subsidize positive for asbestos.

Warner, who limit for a law corporation in Providence, was appalled every results.

“In the function that we do, we’ve attain across contaminated cosmetics, but you practically assume that a children’s produce would be legal,” reputed Warner to WJAR.


Since Warner’s reports constrained headlines, Claire’s has roiled the 17 products from its five and dime shop shelves, and issued a language on its Facebook page:

“At Claire’s the conservation of our customers is of paramount authority, and we are passionate about the self defense and morality of our products. We what one is in to closely mutually our vendors to secure our products are tested and levied in line by all of the analogous country regulations and guidelines.

As a confirm of today’s census from WJAR-TV, we have taken the precautionary held a candle to of pulling the items in runs it up a flagpole from intercourse, and will be conducting an ad hoc search facing the formally issues. Once we have greater information and have the results of the investigation we will yield the imminent action.”

The company furthermore released a register of the products affected.

This isn’t the as a matter of choice time children’s makeup has tested positive for asbestos. The agnate lab, Scientific Analytical Institute, reportedly unprotected asbestos in makeup products at Justice, another near to one heart youth-oriented retailer. However, Justice has being dismissed the lab’s results as considering “inaccurate” trailing their own marching to the beat of a different drummer lab rest no bait of asbestos in the products.