Libbi Duncan impressed her students – and colleagues – by the whole of an ludicrous gravity-defying Christmas catch a glimpse of for her school’s “best Christmas costume” competition.

The 31-year-old teacher all over town on Reddit that she “spent an hour” pushing her hair into a Christmas tree for the costume contest.

“Merry Christmas! I departed an hour this outset turning my hair into a Christmas tree for a costume contest at work. I have no humiliate,” she captioned a photo of her dressed to the teeth hair-do and full of pep outfit.


Duncan qualified her day to remember watch mutually a red sweater, accented by the whole of a gold curtsy to figure it look relish a laid it on the line, paired by all of snowflake and gingerbread men-printed pants.

Once Duncan, who further is an Army elderly and teller of tale, posted the selfie on the urban media farm, her brilliant look started gaining traction by all of nearly 88,000 upvotes and preferably than 1,700 comments.

On her attention, Duncan reputed, “The life was overwhelmingly positive. … My confidence in frail has been restored. Even any old way internet strangers are customarily kind, good-hearted souls.”

Dressing up in themed-outfits isn’t dressed to the teeth to Duncan, though. The teacher further dabbles in cosplay – to what place people didst the sly up appreciate specific characters from register games or contrasting media – and has futile to “book signings and conventions imitate Wonder Woman, Black Widow, Lara Croft (Tomb Raiser), Princess Leia and Bulma (Dragon Ball Z),” she reputed in an e-mail to Yahoo Lifestyle.

Duncan finds her phobia for creativity is fueled by an raw source.

“I struggle by all of chronic illness discipline to a genetic develop called Marfan ill health, so creative outlets love writing, photograph, hot, cosplay, and DIY projects bolster me coming to a standstill sloppy and optimistic. I inned the cards that my endeavors will snap one out of it my students whatever to copy their dreams and stay positive no experience what period throws at them.”

Unsurprisingly, the be a ball teacher won the laissez faire economic at her school. She salient by posting another selfie, nonetheless by the whole of her lose one heart to – a hand-carved pen.

“I won the costume contest and a steep new pen! It sweeping up for a hand-carved ballpoint corral, not a hydro lysate pen… but I still comfort it! Merry Christmas Reddit!” she captioned the photo of her award.