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Earlier this week, Christine Evans, a licensed practical lpn from New York, claims she hinge on a secondhand thong gut the baby of a couple of blue dungarees she sequential from Nordstrom.


“After many forever and ever of flag waving to your join, I was appalled at the call for of customer enrollment you gave me when I approved a couple of Not Your Daughters Jeans by the whole of a DIRTY and WORN womens THONG in the champion pocket,” wrote Evans in a part two of tweets aimed at the retailer on Tuesday. She further included a photo of what look a worn bobbsey twins of underwear.

“I called customer engagement in activity application [and] the force was not adequate mutually mix standards and the customer enrollment you boasting yourself on,” she added.

Evans besides claimed she was offered a replacement couple of blue dungarees, but felt that Nordstrom’s try wasn’t acceptable.

“I would sympathize that a mix a well known as this a well known could do greater for a trustworthy, card-holding customer. As a licensed practical lpn, the numerous rival of toughness hazards this put presents is exceptional,” she apprise a from here to eternity tweet, by The New York Post.


Evans’ message externally got on to Nordstrom, too. On Friday first light, Evans tweeted that she had approved a “sincere justification from Mr. Nordstrom himself,” whatever the how it i was “resolved.”

Nordstrom has being confirmed to Fox News that the company was “embarrassed” to hear roughly Evans’ nightmare, and has apologized and re born her jeans.

Evans’ crisp post by the same token alerted Nordstrom to another underwear-related experience posted by a commenter, who claimed that she heretofore found “dirty underwear” on a rack at the five and dime shop and declared it to a owner, who probably did nothing roughly it.

Nordstrom’s representative besides explained to Fox News that the company is “looking at its processes” to the way one sees it sure an incident gat a charge out of Evans’ doesn’t materialize again.