The pizza was made at Vadoli pizzeria in Berlin, Germany, and finished with a record-busting 111 distinct sorts of cheddar.

The culinary expert who made the dairy-overwhelming pie kept the pizza little and not extend it to hold the greater part a pound of cheddar. Since the hull was the extent of an ordinary pizza, the culinary specialist painstakingly apportioned 2.6 grams of each cheddar to keep the nourishment uniform.

While the gooey blend is amazing on paper, the most vital part is the manner by which it tastes. Luckily, individuals could taste the record holder after Guinness World Records judges approved the pie.

This accomplishment of pizza innovativeness goes ahead the rear areas of a month ago’s Guinness World Record breaker – a six-foot-by-six-foot square pie that tipped the scales at 100 pounds of meat, cheddar and sauce and brought home the prize


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