We’ve been buying our beef from Basket Flat Ranch since 2014. Their beef are all some percentage of Angus, and it makes a BIG difference. We used to use another farm (non-Angus) and the beef just wasn’t as tasty and also a lot tougher, regardless of cut.

I appreciate that their beef is raised naturally on grass pastures, free from pesticides, hormones, antibiotics and GMO’s. I always knew that grass-fed was better for you, but never could really articulate why. Plus, we could not really afford to buy very much in the stores.

Their website does an excellent job of explaining the benefits of grass-fed (both for human health and the environment) and, we discovered that buying in bulk lowers our per pound cost significantly from buying it pound-by-pound in the store.

List Price: $109.99 
Price: $54.97 
You Save: $55.02 (50%)

I found them by just Googling, “grass fed beef Vancouver Wa” years ago when I was not happy with the farm we were using (which by the way, no longer raises beef). I’m so happy I did.. I believe the owner told us that they had been raising Angus for about 10 years (so, that would be about 12 or 13 now), and that they were really learning how to dial in and get a good result. I can tell you, *whatever* they are doing, it’s excellent.

I highly recommend using Basket Flat Ranch for your beef. It’s awesome to support local farmers too.


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